Recently the poacher problem came from the wild into Europe’s parks.

So what are we doing about it?

Here at Open Safari we are working with World Wildlife Welfare (or WWW for short) in to develop a safeguarding pathway.

  1. Our safeguarding factsheet has gone viral across all worldwide parks and volunteers which includes a plan for any incident
  2. Our park keepers are trained to assess animals & enclosures for any risks
  3. Our 3rd party provided, park security are currently being trained to assess any visitors to the park that may be acting suspicious.  They are our insurance against any issues.
  4. We work closely with the police when there are any incidents noted or any risks to the animals identified sharing information so that intelligence can be acted upon
  5. CCTV is in operation throughout the park although we don’t have these manned during the evenings.
  6. Unfortunately, we must accept that without 24/7 manned security we cannot fully ensure the safety of all our animals at night.