Open Safari is like stepping onto the plains of Africa.

Conveniently though, it’s not so far..

The Uxbridge Safari Park needs a re-boot.  It’s tired and needs some love and attention.  In particular, in order to preserve its future.. the safari park needs to appeal to 18-25 year olds to secure its future.
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Open Safari is a fictional case study used by to support clients in HR development. Each project maps to a real-life business scenario:

1/ Experience – The Experience project is about building a safe, self-driving vehicle that also allows visitors to see the animals up close and personal via a glass screen down the side of the jeep. This project is useful for technical people needing to engage in testing, risk management and human computer interaction.

2/ Welfare – This project is a case management or CRM scenario where the animals are the ‘customers’ and any health or accommodation issues can be followed up and resolved. This project is useful for those working in an ITIL or case management / CRM environment, where work needs to be processes in a systematic way with hand-offs and sign offs.

3/ Shop – This project is about implementing both a retail and e-commerce solution. It also brings in user generated content. The project is useful for those who engage with customers on a daily basis such as retail clients, those working with online trading systems or online shops. In particular it helps participants to think about things from a user perspective.

4/ Funding – This is really a Business As Usual example. It can be useful for those working in a funding or sales environment where outcomes are fluid or where a number of workstreams need to come together to make things work. This scenario tests the individuals ability to think creatively but also to track items through a pipeline.

Here is the fictional location for the safari park.

Address: Open Safari, Colne Valley Regional Park, Denham Ct Dr, Denham UB9 5PG

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